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Ed Reed Out for Opener?

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A Ravens beat writer says Ravens star safety Ed Reed will likely miss the season opening game against the Jets.

The Pro Bowl safety is almost a certainty to start training camp on PUP. In fact, it would be surprising to see Reed play in the preseason. He recently said he is 35 percent recovered from offseason hip surgery. The most likely scenario is placing Reed on the Reserve PUP at the start of the regular season, which would mean he misses at least the first six weeks.

I personally want to see Baltimore at full strength. I would rather see the Jets beat the real thing rather than a watered down opponent.

Even so, I don't think Mark Sanchez would miss Reed. Sanchez is entering an important year. We are all expecting him to take a big step forward. If a ballhawk like Reed makes a few plays on Sanchez, maybe the quarterback will lose some confidence and fall into some of the bad habits of last season.