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Brunell to Sign This Week -- Could Spell End for Kellen Clemens

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We've discussed this here on GGN for awhile. Many of our writers and readers have shared a similar stance on the issue, and were averse to bringing a veteran who will be 40-years-old at the start of the season. The Jets front office doesn't feel the same way. They have been adamant about bringing him in throughout the offseason, but had to wait because of the 'final 8' rule. It appears the time is now.

Rich Cimini tweeted over the good news:

#Jets have kept seat warm for QB Mark Brunell, who will sign Thursday at the earliest. Wouldn't be shocked if DE Marques Douglas re-signs.

If Brunell signs, this will likely be the end of Kellen Clemen's tenure as a Jet.

Also in this tweet, DE Marques Douglas's resigning appears to be in the works.

Personally, I do agree with bringing in a veteran QB, especially when you have a young franchise QB such as Sanchez, but just not Mark Brunell. Was really hoping we would have pursued Mark Bulger, but we failed in that regard. Still, a veteran QB can help mentor Sanchez, and also provide the high football IQ/football sense that you want from a QB2. If anything, Brunell has certainly been around the block, as he has played for many teams and been in the league for almost 20 years.

Could this attribute to some locker room turmoil though? It's certainly possible, as the Jets players already expressed their distaste for the possible move weeks ago. You can view the article (here) in case you missed it.

Jets players also expressed their adversity towards having to protect a left-handed quarterback, and cited the adjustments they would have to make.

"I didn't even know Brunell was still in the league until we played them last year," an anonymous Jet told NYDN.