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PSLs For Sale!

If you visit the Jets official site (NYJets.Com), you will immediately see that PSLs are now 50% off. What a deal!

With the recently-reduced price on PSLs, have they been selling?

Not so much. This, according to an article by NYDN's Manish Mehta. Mehta states the Jets still have approximately 2300 unsold PSLs remaining in the new stadium, but that the front office still guarantees all of the PSLs will be sold.

Furthermore, in the said article, the Jets Executive VP of Business Operations says the Jets FO is confident they will sell out, and that there is no chance of a blackout on opening day:

"We’re 100 percent certain that we’re going to sell out by opening day," Matt Higgins, the Executive Vice President of Business Operations, told me this morning. "There’s no chance of a blackout."

"Every hour the phone just keeps ringing with fans interested in purchasing tickets," Higgins said. "There will be no need to adjust those prices any further. We expect a full sellout."


As far as the price reductions go, the breakdown is as follows: three sections - the Lower End Zone (50 percent reduction), Mezzanine Endzone B (39 percent reduction) and Lower Sideline (33 percent reduction) reduced their prices on PSLs.