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Woody Johnson Asks For Fan Confidence In Regards To Contracts

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According to a PFT article, originally from Manish at the Daily News, Woody Johnson is not sweating on the contracts of Revis/Mangold and Harris, and believes the Jets fanbase understands the situation the team are in:

"I think the fans know that we have to run the team . . . and we have to run it within the rules," Woody Johnson told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. "The fans know that we are trying to win.  We are using our best judgment -- [G.M.] Mike Tannenbaum all of the coaches and me as well. . . .

"We're trying to put the best team on the field within the rules to win the Super Bowl," Johnson said. "I guess the fans are going to have to have a little confidence in our ability to make that happen."

I think this perfectly exemplifies what we have been trying to get across for a while now and why it's important Jets fans as a whole understand that we can't just put blank cheques down in front of these players. It also hints about the restrictions on guaranteed money that Cimini focused on in his article on Revis yesterday. "We have to run within the rules" being the important sentence.

As much as it would be easy to accuse Woody of being cheap, this is not the case here. We have gone over the limitations that we face, and the importance of keeping a strong nucleus together, which means not giving out ridiculously bloated contracts, regardless of what the players will or won't do.

So as much as we want our players to get paid, shouting for it doesn't make a difference. We all have to understand the parameters we are working under, and like Woody said, "The fans are going to have to have a little confidence in our ability".