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Jets To Send Titans Uniforms Into Temporary Retirement?

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With not much Jets news rolling in right now being in the dark days of the football calendar. I Noticed a tweet from the official Jets twitter page regarding the Titans uniform. In reply to a question posed by Joe a buddy of mine about whether we would be seeing the Titans uniforms for the 4th consecutive season this year, the New York Jets twitter people replied with:

As of now, there are no plans to wear them this season.

Now usually this is a non issue, and it still may be for some people. However I do remember a lot of people on GGN having a problem with the New York Jets wearing the New York Titans uniforms last year, so just wanted to get this message out there.

I personally never really had a problem with the Titans uniforms every now and again but didn't like to see us wear them more than once a year. So while this is not a definitive answer, and it is possible it could change. It seems that the Jets are putting the Titans uniforms back where they belong, at the back of the closet.

What are your thoughts on this?