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Revis Wins ESPN The Magazine's 'Best Defender' Award

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Darrelle Revis is pretty good.

He went up against arguably every top WR1 in the league last season, and still managed to give up (on average) less than 30 ypg against them. While many of us felt he was snubbed after finishing'runner-up' in the DPOY voting last year, the stud CB was recently given a a title that is much more prestigious.

NYJets.Com is reporting ESPN The Magazine and senior writer Shaun Assael recently named Revis the ‘Best Defender' [in all of sports]. Given the sample size of the field he was up against, that's a pretty impressive title to hold.

Revis shared some thoughts on the award:

"They didn't give me a trophy. They're putting me in the magazine," said Revis last week at a photo shoot at the Home of the Jets. "It's a great honor. I appreciate ESPN reaching out to me, and thinking of me as the top defensive player in all of team sports is great."

ESPN must have checked Pro Football Focus's CB rankings, which has Revis rated at an incredible 31.0 in pass coverage, with Woodson the closest CB behind him at 19.9 Oh, and for what it's worth, Miami's CB tandem COMBINED for a rating of 7.7 in coverage between the two of them. (Fish fans: you should be soo proud of your boys!)

Another notch on the bedpost? Surely, there are many more awards coming for the Jet's shutdown corner.

It certainly is refreshing to see some positive news surrounding Revis, and not another daily update on the 'Revis Contract Saga' which has been a focal point for the media over the last month.

Sorry, Charles Woodson: ‘Best Defender'> DPOY.

(For a refresher on why Darrelle Revis was snubbed in the DPOY voting, check out John's article from earlier this year entitled "Why Darrelle Revis Should Have Won Defensive Player of the Year" (here) )