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Jets: Among Top 3 Teams Oddsmakers Have Listed to Win Super Bowl XLV

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Bodog.Com has released their odds to win Super Bowl XLV, and the Jets are currently listed as the third favorite to accomplish that feat.

The two winners of their respective conferences in 09-10, New Orleans and Indianapolis, are currently listed at 9:1 and are the favorites to win the big game next year. The Jets are a close second at 10:1. San Diego, who the Jets knocked off to reach the AFC Championship game last year, follows at 11:1.

New England is listed at 12:1, Miami at 30:1, and poor Buffalo isn't getting much love at 100:1.

For the entire chart, continue after the jump to see what the current listed odds are for each team.

.Odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl XLV


I now open the floor for some discussion. What do you all feel about the listed odds for next season? Are there any surprises that stick out?

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