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Jets Flight Numbers 81-90

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Continuing with the current roster, as well as some players who have previously worn the numbers, going as far back as I feel like it (pretty much around the early 1990s), as well as some notables (according to me, anyway).

Here are numbers 1-10,








and 80.

#81-90 are after the jump.

81. TE Dustin Keller

Dustin was #28 in college (Purdue).

From 2004-07, WR Justin McCareins wore this number.

TE Chris Baker scored his first career touchdown in the playoffs against Indianapolis wearing this number at the end of the 2002 season.  He switched to #86 the next year.

WR Curtis Conway wore this number during his one year with the Jets in 2003.

Kyle Brady was another TE who started with #81 as a rookie, in 1995.  He switched to #88 the next year.

WR Jeff Graham wore this from 1996-97, the same number he had in Pittsburgh from 1991-93, in Chicago from 94-95, in Philadelphia in 98, and in San Diego from 99-01.

WR Terance Mathis wore this from 1990-93, the same number he wore in Atlanta from 94-00.

TE Billy Griggs spent his whole career in Jets #81, from 1985-89.

WR Derrick Gaffney spent his whole career in Jets #81, from 78-87.

Super Bowl Champion DE Gerry Philbin wore this number from 1964-72.  He wore #77 in Philadelphia in 1973 before retiring.


82. TE Matthew Mulligan

Matt wore #80 in college (Maine).

WR Kevin Swayne finally scored a touchdown on his third year in the NFL with the Jets in 2003.  He then retired from the league the next year.

TE Mickey Shuler was #82 from 1978-89.  From 1990-91, he switched to #85 in Philadelphia.


83. Vacant

WR Danny Woodhead started last year as a running back in #22.  Then he switched to wideout in #83.  This year he is in the backfield again wearing #27.  Danny wore #3 in college (Chadron State).

WR Chansi Stuckey wore this number from 2008 to mid-season last year.  He switched to #88 in Cleveland.  Chansi wore #2 in college (Clemson).

In 2005, TE Joel Dreessen wore this number.  He switched to #85 in Houston from 2006 to last year.

WR Santana Moss wore #83 from 2001-04.  He switched to #89 in Washington.

WR Dwight Stone wore this number from 1999-2000.

WR Jo-Jo Townsell spent his whole career in Jets #83 from 1985-90.

TE/WR Jerome Barkum was #83 from 1972-83.

Super Bowl Champion WR George Sauer spent his whole career wearing this number with the Jets and going to four Pro Bowl from 165-70.


84. TE Ben Hartsock

Ben has worn #80 in Indianapolis from 2000-01, #47 and #88 in Tennessee from 02-03, and #89 in Atlanta.  He wore #88 in college (Ohio State).

WR Jonathan Carter was #84 from 2003-04.

TE Fred Baxter wore this number from 1993-2000.


85. Vacant

LS James Dearth has worn #85 from 2001-09.  He wore #88 in Cleveland in 1999.  I'm not sure what number he wore in college (Tarleton State).

Complimentary draft pick WR Rob Moore wore this number from 1990-94, as well as in Arizona from 95-99.

WR Wesley Walker went to two Pro Bowls wearing Jets #85 from 1977-89.  Not to be confused with this guy.


86.TE Jeff Cumberland

Jeff was #17 in college (Illinois).

After wearing #81 as a rookie, TE Chris Baker switched to #86 from 03-08, keeping the same in New England last year.  He is currently listed as #86 as well in Seattle.

Gotta love players named Green.  TE Eric Green wore this number in his one season with the Jets in 1999.  He wore the same in Baltimore 1996-98, in Miami in 95 and in Pittsburgh from 90-94.

From 1996-98 WR Alex Van Dyke wore this number, the same one he had in Philadelphia from 1999-2000.

Years before coaching a team to the Super Bowl, TE Ken Whisenhunt wore #86 with the Jets from 1991-92.

Super Bowl Champion DE Verlon Biggs went to three Pro Bowls wearing this number from 1965-70.


87. WR David Clowney

David wore the same number in college (Virginia Tech), after starting with #17 as a rookie.  He switched to this number last year.

WR Laveranues Coles was #87 from 2000-02, then #80 in Washington, then Jets #87 again from 05-08 and then #11 last year in Cincinnati.  He wore #7 in college (Florida State).

WR Webster Slaughter wore this in his one season with the Jets in 1996.

WR Kurt Sohn spent his whole career in Jets #87 from 1981-88.

Super Bowl Champion TE Pete Lammons wore this number from 1966-71.


88. Aundrae Allison

Aundrae was #2 in college (East Carolina).

TE Bubba Franks wore this in 2008, as well as in Green Bay from 2000-07.

TE Sean Ryan had #88 from 2006-07

TE Doug Jolley wore this in 2005.

TE Anthony Becht wore this number from 2000-04.

TE Kyle Brady was #88 from 1996-98.  He switched to #80 in Jacksonville and back to #88 in New England in 2007.

WR Quinn Early wore this number with the Jets in his one season with the team in 1999.

WR Al Toon went to three Pro Bowls wearing this number with the Jets from 1985-92.

TE/WR Rich Caster went to three Pro Bowls wearing Jets #88 from 1970-77.  He wore the same with the Houston Oilers from 78-80.


89. WR Jerricho Cotchery

J-Co has had this number since his rookie year in 2004.  He was born in 1982 and wore #82 in college (North Carolina State).

WR Kevin Lockett wore this in 2003 in his one season with the team.

From 1997-2000, this was worn by WR Dedric Ward.  He switched to #87 in Miami in 2001.


90. Vacant

This number is unofficially retired for DL Dennis Byrd, who became a Jet in 1989.  In 1992 he colllided with a teammate and became paralyzed.  He would later walk again after undergoing extensive therapy.

LB Jay Brophy wore this number for one year in 1987.

RG Chris Godfrey wore this number for one year in 1980.

And that's pretty much it for this number.  I haven't triple-checked it, but it seems like these are the only players who have worn this number in a regular season game for the Jets.


Once a Jet, always a Jet.