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Stat Projection: The Quarterbacks

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Over the course of the next month we're going to be running a little activity. As well as your usual training camp news and any story that presents itself we're going to be doing some stat projections with your help.

It's very simple; we'll get through all the positions before the start of the season. We'll write a little introduction, and then post up our stat projections for the players at the position. We will ask all readers to offer their own stat projections, and then just before the start of the year we'll add them all up and find the average GGN projections for each player.

We will post these up in one thread before the season, and then come back to them after the year to see how accurate they were. We hope that every member of GGN takes part in this and if people are reading and have yet to sign up, then now is a good time to do it.

We'll use our own discretion to exclude any projections that we feel are either purposely negative or positive to the extreme. However we do encourage opposing fans to leave their own projections as long as they are thought out and sensible.

For example, if you post that Sanchez will have 200 yards, 1 TD and 29 INT, there is a good chance we will exclude your projections from the eventual post because one projection like that completely ruins the average we are looking for

Any questions post them up in the comments section and we'll answer them as soon as possible.

*Although the segments below contain the projections of all GGN writers, the blurbs are solely my opinion. They don’t represent the general feeling of the staff.

So join us after the break for ours and please leave your own in the comments section:

Mark Sanchez


David W: 270-448, 3325 yards, 21TD’s, 11 INT

John B: 323-505, 3339, 26 TD’s 14 INT

David Vill: 250-400, 3500 yards, 20TD’s, 12 INT

Matt B: 270-451, 3650 yards, 24TD’s, 16 INT

Ryan (njdevil): 220/370, 3580, 24 TD’s, 12 INT


We want everyone to be able to take part, so we are keeping the stat projections on the simple side. It will also allow us to create the final averages a lot quicker, as you can imagine there are going to be a fair few numbers to crunch.


I think we will see an incline in pass attempts as Sanchez becomes more comfortable within the offensive game plan. Sanchez attempted 364 passes last year, that with him missing the one game and us using a power running game as well as bringing him on like a rookie should be early last season.


However I can see his completion % increasing, along with his yards and TD’s. I’m hoping that the added experience will limit his mistakes, I’ve still got him tossing a few interceptions because he’s always going to try to fit some balls into spaces that are considered ‘danger areas’.


However he will now have the "escape clause", once Leon went down last year, our receiving threat out of the backfield was pretty much non existent, and Sanchez’s check down options were limited. With LT and McKnight in the mix, he now has that added security to dump a pass off and it still turn into a positive play. It’s just one less reason for Sanchez to try and force the ball into tight coverage.


He should have more mobility this season with his knee surgery, and I’m hoping that this added mobility as well as a maturation of decision making will lead Sanchez into making fewer mistakes. I’m not kidding myself into believing that Sanchez will throw 2-3 INT however


Any QB in the game should want the targets that Sanchez has, which include three players who have all had seasons of 1000+ yards. An up and coming pass catching tight end as well as a player out of the backfield who can still catch a pass or two in LT.  


Overall we have a Quarterback who I believe will improve all facets of his game. He has been given the weapons and he seems to have the work ethic. He has a good/great line, a decent running game, 3 good receivers and a pass catching tight end. As a quarterback you can’t ask for much more than that.


I can’t envision another Buffao game, looking back at that game I’m still a little mystified as to how he got out of control so quickly. I also hope he has learned to slide feet first and keep that ball tucked away. They were big problems in his rookie year, problems that should not carry over to a 2nd year player. 

Right now I want to believe that the Mark Sanchez we saw in the post season, is the Mark Sanchez we will see the entire 2010 season, and I think it is.

Kellen Clemens

David W: 10-27, 120 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

Matt B: 15-24, 135 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Dvdvill: No Stats Accumulated

John B: No Stats Accumulated

Ryan (njdevil): No Stats Accumulated

I hope Kellen Clemens doesn’t see the field this year, unless it’s to run the clock down in a blow out win. However I’m going to give him one start, jut to cover in case Sanchez can’t go one week. Or if we’ve tied up a post season berth and he comes in to play a half towards the end of the season.


I don’t jump on Clemens like a lot of people but he hasn’t shown a great deal to make any Jet fan comfortable with him starting. He is a top pro though and sure he’ll continue to be a stand up back-up if we do go into the season with him.


He made one start last year in a 26-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In that game he went 12-23 with 111 yards and no TD throws but no interceptions either. He’s not going to set your house on fire, but he will manage the game adequately. It was against a poor team, but a win is a win. If we need him to do something similar this year, I’m confident he will get the job done. 


It is up in the air whether he will be with us, but he’s here now and so he’s in the stat projection.

Erik Ainge


David W: No Stats Accumulated

Dvdvill: No Stats Accumulated

John B: No Stats Accumulated

Matt B: No Stats Accumulated

Ryan (njdevil): No Stats Accumulated

I like Erik, but I never saw what other fans saw during the pre-season. He had some decent numbers but he didn’t throw the cleanest ball and I remember receivers having to come back off their route to track the ball on more than one occasion. Against 3rd/4th stringers that’s fine, but against better competition that’s a problem.


I liked him at Tennessee and thought he could do something in the NFL and he still might, but he needs to show more. Clemens has more experience and by all accounts he has the backing of the players. For that reason I still have Ainge as the 3rd QB on my depth chart and as such I don’t think he will see any time this year.

Kevin O'Connell

David W: No Stats Accumulated

Dvdvill: No Stats Accumulated

John B: No Stats Accumulated

Matt B: No Stats Accumulated

Ryan (njdevil): No Stats Accumulated

See Eric above. Pretty much the same situation, as a 3rd/4th QB he’ll be hard pressed to find the field, and if he does….something has seriously gone wrong. I didn’t see much of him as SDSU, and only briefly saw his pre-season snaps with the Patriots.