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Jets Interested In Unga

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According to Kristian Dyer of the Green and White Report, the Jets are showing an interest in BYU running back Harvey Unga in tonight's supplemental draft. has learned that the Jets have a strong interest in running back Harvey Unga, the former BYU running back who is available in Thursday’s supplemental draft.

A source close to Unga revealed that the Jets were one of "20 teams who attended his workout last week" and that the team is highly interested in the player. Unga, described as a "real banger" by the source, said that he thinks that BYU’s all-time leading rusher would be a good fit with the Jets. Unga withdrew from school in April after allegedly violating the school’s honor code.

In 2009's supplemental draft only one player was selected, that being Jeremy Jarmon who was selected by the Washington Redskins out of Kentucky. Jarmon had a handful of tackles and not much else last year.

The question here is do we need a running back? especially one that is rumored to be drawing 3rd round interest.To me he looks similar to Greene, like the article suggest, an inside runner. He has had 3 consecutive seasons at BYU with 1,000+ yards 10+ touchdowns. Although the carries might not fall to him this year, if/when LT hangs them up, would you like to see a 1/2 physical punch of Greene and Unga with the change of pace McKnight coming in on 3rd down?

It's actually pretty interesting, so will turn it over to you with a poll at the bottom. The problem I see is that we traded our 3rd round selection to San Diego for Cromartie, and unless I'm missing something that was the only 3rd rounder we had.

For people who are not sure how it all works, the simplest explanation is that teams submit to the commissioner which round they would select the player, if no other team submits a higher round/selection, the first team is given the player and then they have to forgo that selection in the following years draft.

For example:

Team A sumbits to the commissioner that they would select Unga in the 4th round

Team B submits to the commissioner that they would select Unga in the 3rd round

Result: Team B gets the player and will not have a 3rd round selection in the 2011 NFL draft.

(*If both teams submit a 3rd round selection, it will depend on the teams previous season results, so pretty much your standard draft order, so if the Jets & Rams submitted a 3rd round selection for Unga, the Rams would be given him)