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Five Predictions for the 2011 Offseason

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It's the dog days of July, and what better time than to speculate about the future, where situations can (and will) completely change between now and the end of winter. But if you're still checking NFL blogs in the middle of July, this kind of stuff is right up you're alley. Here's five things you may or may not have seen coming for 2011.

1. Shaun Ellis will be released. I love the Big Cat, but for some reason or another, the Jets want him out like a drunk friend throwing up in the backyard. Which is odd, because the dude just made a pro bowl and is still productive. Yeah, he still gets hurt, but D-line depth is a bit of a weak spot.

2. Antonio Cromartie and Braylon Edwards re-sign. On a CB-Hungry team like the Jets, they wont Cro get away. Edwards has shown that he could care less about stats and numbers; he wants to be a Jets. Which is kind of odd, but I guess he's just comfortable with the team. He's a great blocker, which is a huge plus.

3. Santonio Holmes is the odd man out. We can't keep everybody, and to be honest, Santonio was never on the radar until the Steelers decided they would rather have an extra bag of footballs in exchange. Santonio will miss the spotlight and big numbers, and the Jets will have a tough time getting a discount.

4. Tony Richardson Retires. It's just about that time. It's been a great run, Tony.

5. LaDainian Tomlinson will stay another year. As long as LT doesn't fall apart in 2010, he should be back for another year. Joe McKnight could push him out, but that's unlikely. LT knows that he isn't getting a starting job anywhere else. Why bother testing the market? He'll be 32 next year, which isn't very old, so he probably doesn't want to retire yet.