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3D TV: The Future of Sports

 I was fortunate enough to get an invite to a party hosted by Panasonic last night to watch the MLB All-Star Game in 3D television. Former Mets pitcher and current SNY baseball analyst Ron Darling was the guest of honor (incredibly nice man). It was a pretty impressive show.

The first time I saw a game in high definition television, I didn't notice much of a difference. I think you only notice the difference once you switch back to regular definition and see how blurry it looks. It's kind of like Jerry Seinfeld's line about how a person who has never flown in first class doesn't mind flying coach. 3D is totally different. You can notice it immediately.

High definition makes the picture clearer. 3D television makes you feel like you're actually on the field with the players. If David Price throws a wild pitch, it feels like the ball is going to come through the screen and hit you. I think this is going to provide some great opportunities for football. As this technology develops, fans are going to get to go places on the field they've never been before. I could see shots in the huddle, in a fumble pile, and watching a running back choose a lane enhancing the viewing experience.

The executive from Panasonic who explained the technology indicated this would be different from the transition to high definition, which required people to purchase a new television to get the benefit. 3D will apparently come through a special kind of cable box and glasses.

I don't think this will immediately catch on. It will probably be like high definition. Things will start out slowly with a high price tag. When technology improves and the price goes down in a few years, it will become the standard.

If you have the means, I suggest getting 3D as soon as you can. I was very impressed.