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Woody Johnson Comments On George Steinbrenner

"George Steinbrenner is an American icon and was one of the preeminent owners in all of sports," Johnson said. "A true champion with his own unique style, he held his team to the highest standards and demanded a title for Yankees fans each and every season. I will remember him as a winner whose passion and enthusiasm became part of the fabric of New York City. He was an inspiration and represented the essence of leadership."

Woody Johnson, chairman and CEO of the New York Jets

Yankee fan or not, Steinbrenner did what he had to do to win, and as sports fans I'm sure we all appreciate that attitude. He'll definitely be missed, and our thoughts here at GGN go out to Steinbrenner's family, the Yankee organization, the Yankee fans and our brothers here at SB Nation, Yankee blog Pinstripe Alley.