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Jets Flight Connections 07-12-10


Yahoo! Sports reports on the Jets.

Despite going to Gang Green, OLB Jason Taylor will be honored in Miami.

This article briefly mentions that CB Darrelle Revis was in Las Vegas this weekend.

ESPN New York wonders why the team seems overly frugal when they currently have more cap space than they had last year.  Um, new stadium and low PSL sales?

The Jets are paying Cortland very well to use their facility during training camp.  Are they simply more generous, or do they have more need to expand the fanbase?

Jets Kvetch shares thoughts on various topics regarding football and otherwise.

The J.E.T.S blog discusses jersey number 16.

Former Jets WR Keyshawn Johnson helped out with former Jets CB Chris Hayes' football camp.

College highlights of WR Braylon Edwards vs. Notre Dame, after the jump: