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Revis' Manager Apparently Upset With GGN

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Darrelle Revis' manager, John Geiger, is apparently unhappy Gang Green Nation over a post made earlier today. We pointed out a tweet Geiger made mocking D'Brickashaw Ferguson's agent for the contract he got the Pro Bowl left tackle. Geiger has since pulled the post in question from his Twitter account.

Minutes after our post went up, a member named SundayIQ sent Geiger a tweet:

@GeigerGeiger PR warning: your getting trashed online for insulting brick's contract. I just read it. At least your making the news. Lol

After that, Geiger pulled down the tweet in question and went on an all out blitz chiding us for blowing things out of proportion.

   All I have to say to this is one, it was cleary a joke, if people knew about master p back in the day, it was funny.

   It was a misunderstanding, really the point I was tryna make is brick is in the core of that team, brick is a great player but deserves more

   Basically what I'm saying is brick is great player, I would have thought he would have got a max deal.. He didn't therefore I commented.

   There will be no firing, only now I recognize what to not say on twitter, I apologized to everyone I had to and I'm moving on

   I wish people would quit with the negatives and focus on the positives, the #jets will have a great year!!

   Maye I'll be laying off twitter for awhile, since when I do tweet everyone takes it the wrong way.

Again, I wanna apologize, I didn't mean it how people took it. Brick is a great player and let focus on getting a sb ring not managers tweets

   My friends, family, and true followers know me, I did NOT bash any players on the jets..

   Some people need to realize what's it like to be under a microscope, to where every move or words said can be misunderstood..

So yeah, this confirms everything said in the first post. I didn't see anybody say he bashed D'Brickashaw. He did bash D'Brickashaw's agent, though. Again, Master P is known in an NFL context for negotiating perhaps the worst contract in the history of the league. That's really immature and unprofessional for somebody in the business Geiger is in. He deserved to be called out. You wouldn't catch Leigh Steinberg ripping another agent on Twitter. Geiger wants to make himself into the victim in this episode when he did something totally unprofessional.

Again, I also worry what it will mean for Revis contract negotiations if his manager thinks that contract is for so little it is something to mock.

Finally, he complains about being under a microsope. That comes with the territory. Nobody forced him to sign on as Revis' manager. You can't have it both ways. If you like the limelight that allows you to post a picture of yourself sitting near Magic Johnson at a basketball game on your Twitter account, you have to understand that you are a public figure. Your actions matter.

Darrelle Revis is a great, great football player. He is the most valuable defensive player in the league. He deserves to be paid richly. There are a lot of times in which athletes get themselves into trouble by giving important jobs to personal friends who aren't necessarily qualified. I worry about how he is being handled. I worry about what this will mean for the Jets in contract negotiations.

I don't know John Geiger. I'm sure he's a nice guy. The way his friends are coming to support him on Twitter proves that.  Episodes like this just make me wonder whether Darrelle Revis is really getting the kind of quality representation he deserves or hearing the right things.