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Revis' Manager Insults D'Brickashaw's Contract

While most people think D'Brickashaw Ferguson should be happy to get locked up long term, Darrelle Revis' manager, John Geiger, has a different perspective.

Who did fergs deal? Master p? Lol so sad...

Master P was the rapper turned football agent who negotiated Ricky Williams' rookie contract. Williams' contract was widely panned as being too incentive laden and not having enough guaranteed money for his Draft position.

Certain aspects of Ferguson's contract have been brought into question by football blogging's village idiot citing his trademark unsubstantiated innuendo. Brian Bassett Bent of TJB does a great job telling us what it really means if true.

It's a bad sign, though, that a guy in Revis' inner circle is saying these things about Brick's contract. It could be a sign things are going to get acrimonious.