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A Chance to Meet Dustin Keller

Meet Dustin Keller at an event he's hosting at a New York restaurant. 


I Eight One, playing off of jersey No. 81, highlights event at Village Pourhouse


        New York, Thursday, July 1, 2010  - New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller has a great love for food, and especially the New York City restaurant scene. In March, Keller debuted a monthly food column in the New York Times entitled "I Eight One," which plays off of his 81 jersey number, with the goal of covering the world of food from the unique perspective of a professional athlete while inspiring people to try things before forming an opinion.


        Keller has written about everything from fine steak houses to a Manhattan hot dog tour in the monthly column. Now, the "I Eight One" campaign is expanding beyond the pages of the newspaper and served directly to the fans, as Keller will be hosting the "I Eight One Preseason Kickoff Party" at the Village Pourhouse in New York City on July 31 – a day before the Jets open training camp.


        "Writing the New York Times food column has been fun, but now I want to take I Eight One to the fans personally," Keller said. "I love the New York City restaurant scene, and I’ve had the opportunity to try so many different things that I’ve never had before. That’s what I Eight One is all about – I’m encouraging people to try some new foods. And I also want people to try things they’ve had before, but didn’t like. If they try it a different way, they may love it."


        Keller will be at the Pourhouse for two hours, meeting with fans, signing autographs and talking to patrons about their favorite food at the restaurant and their football season food rituals. His findings at the Pourhouse will be the basis of his August column in the New York Times.


        "I’d love to join everyone in the eating, but this event is the day before training camp so I’m really watching what I eat right now," Keller said. "But, I love talking to people about food and I like to see what people like and don’t like. I look forward to writing about this."


Fans are encouraged to visit Keller’s Facebook ( and Twitter page ( for more food entries and other information from the Jets tight end. Official "I Eight One" merchandise can be purchased at

For more information on the event, call the Village Pourhouse at (212) 979-2337.