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Some Thoughts on the Past Few Weeks

Since I can't really channel my thoughts about the Jets into one topic, I'll cover them individually.

Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold are being somewhat ignorant in this contract situation. The 30% rule is really holding Tanny hostage. Sure, he can put all of the money up front and get around the rule, but that comes at a huge risk to the Jets. Revis needs to be patient, and needs to realize that this year is unique. At the same time, Mike T has got at least put some respectable offers out there to keep both sides happy. No one is right here.

Gholston moving to DE could pay dividends. Apparently, Vernon is really doing well at DE. It simply suits him better; it's a little less thinking and a little more throwing yourself around. I always thought the transition to OLB was holding him back; he was so worried about being in the right spot he forgot to just go out there and play. Remember when we all wanted Odrick in the draft? If Vernon could fill that void, we could get younger on the line for a long time.

Braylon Edwards is going to have a huge year. I really do think so. He really didn't have THAT many drops last year, they just came at bad times. He is a great talent, and was picked early in round 1 for a reason. He will emerge as the clear-cut number 1.

I am absolutely loving what El Sanchito has been doing the past few weeks. Meeting with Rich Gannon, being at the facility all the time, learning the offense to the bone. These are all signs that he could really be a great QB.

LT will push Greene for carries. LT is back, and with a vengeance. It seems like every Jet that is interviewed is praising everything LT is doing, how sharp he looks. LT's resurgence will make every back better.

It is still really weird to see Jason Taylor in green. I thought I would get used to it, but it's taking a little longer than I thought. I still like the move, though.

We need to keep Shaun Ellis. I don't get why everyone wants to get rid of him, he's a great player in a position that is not so easy fo fill. All he does is give it his all every year. Yeah, he's old, but what's one more year?

Brodney Pool is a fantastic fit at FS. I get the feeling that Brodney Pool is considered the "weak link" of the secondary. Well, he was maybe the second best defender in Cleveland, and now he's a "weak link" on our team? Wow. That's pretty impressive.The dude can really do it all; cover, tackle, etc.

Calvin Pace will be a huge x-factor in 2010. Pace kind of stalled over the past year, can he improve and make a dual-rush threat with JT? THAT will put the Jets into that "great" category.

Anyway, just some tidbits on recent events.