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Comic Relief, Courtesy of Stephen Ross

Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross: "Miami Dolphins will be playing in the [2010-11] Super Bowl."

LAUGHABLE -- The team that finished under .500 last season is going win the AFC? Yes, you heard him, the same team that finished the previous year with a bang, losers of their last three when the pressure was on.

But wait, there's more.

Ross recently told AOL FanHouse he thinks Henne could be the best QB in Dolphins' franchise history.


OK, now you can laugh.

"I think in February, we will be playing in the Super Bowl,'' Ross said.

Here's the other gem:

"Henne can handle the pressure,'' Ross told FanHouse. "That I can tell you."

He must have been on to something: Miami is currently listed on Bodog.Com as 16:1 to win the AFC conference, while the Jets are 5.5:1. No matter, what do the sportsbooks and high stakes bettors know anyways? Ross says they're winning it and that's all that matters.

However, his attempt to mimic Rex's confident demeanor/swagger has failed. There is only ONE Rex, so don't act like your cajones are as big as his --- because they're not!

So I ask you, GGN, will the 2010-11 Miami Dolphins be playing in Super Bowl XLV?