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Jets Players Don't Want Brunell, Prefer Clemens

The Jets FO has been gung-ho about bringing in Mark Brunell to be the team's #2 QB next month. The Jets players? Not so much.

Manish Mehta reports A Daily News poll of more than a dozen starters revealed that the overwhelming majority favored Kellen Clemens over the 17-year veteran if Mark Sanchez misses any time in 2010.

Here are the sentiments from some of the players:

"Brunell? Isn't he like 50 years old?" said one player of the three-time Pro Bowl signal caller, who will turn 40 in September.

"I didn't even know Brunell was still in the league until we played them last year," said another player of the former Saints’ backup, who filed for bankruptcy last week and is a reported $24.7 million in debt after failed real estate ventures.

The Jets cannot make any moves until the "Final 8" rule is lifted on July 22 (unless they give up one of their UFA's.)