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Jets Considering JaMarcus Russell?

Getty Images

Cimini says the Jets are giving JaMarcus Russell a look.

When he was hired in 2006, New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum vowed to look under every rock in an effort to procure talent. That apparently includes discarded boulders.

Sources tell that the Jets have checked on JaMarcus Russell, and they have cursory interest in the former Oakland Raiders bust who was cut recently after reportedly ballooning to 300 pounds.

I don't really see any harm in at least considering every option. I'd imagine the Jets will look at this one and move forward pretty quickly. Why would they sign a guy with no talent (aside from a big arm), a terrible attitude, and a lousy work ethic? He'd be a terrible influence on Mark Sanchez. At least Kellen Clemens and Mark Brunell would be good in the locker room.

It's tough to imagine this happening.