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Jets Flight Numbers 71-80

Continuing with the current roster, as well as some players who have previously worn the numbers, going as far back as I feel like it (pretty much around the early 1990s).

Here are numbers 1-10,






and 61-70.

#71-80 are after the jump.

71. OT Dan Gay

Dan wore the same number in college (Baylor).

OL Wade Smith had this number from 2006-07.

LT Kerry Jenkins wore #71 from 1997-2001 and won the Super Bowl wearing the same number in Tampa Bay, were he played from 2002-03.

NT Bill Pickel wore this his whole career, with the LA Raiders from 1983-90, and with Gang Green from 91-94.


72. T Michael Turkovich 

Michael was #77 in college (Notre Dame).

DT Jason Ferguson had this number from 1997-2004.  He switched to #95 when he went to Dallas in 2005.

C David Alexander wore #72 in 1996 for one year with the Jets after wearing the same in Philadelphia from 1987-94.

LT Chris Ward had this number from 1978-83.  He wore the same number in New Orleans in 1984.

Super Bowl champion DT Paul Rochester wore #72 with the Dallas Texans from 1960-62 and Gang Green from 64-69.


73. Retired - DE/DT/NT Joe Klecko

Joe played three different positions in four Pro Bowls while in green & white #73.  He played in the same number for one year in Indianapolis in 1988 before retiring.

I believe the last player to wear this was OL Siupeli Malamala in 1999.  From 1993-97, he was #75 on the team, and on 1992, he was #70.

RT David W. Williams got the honor of wearing this from 1996-97, the same number he had with the Houston Oilers from 1989-95.


74. C Nick Mangold

Nick wore #55 in college (Ohio State).

RT Scott Gragg had this number in 2005, the same number he had with the Giants from 1995-99.  From 2000-04 he was #78 in San Francisco.

RG Brent Smith was #74 from 2003-04.

RT Ryan Young wore this from 1999-2001.

DE Erik Howard was #75 from 1995-96, the same number he had with the Giants from 1986-94.

G Everett McIver was #74 in 1994.  Not to be confused with this guy.

Klecko, Lyons, Gastineau and who?  That fourth member of the New York Sack Exchange was DT Abdul Salaam, who wore this number from 1976-83.


75. OL Robert Turner

Rob was #59 in college (New Mexico).  He switched to #75 with the Jets in 2007.

DT Chester McGlockton was #75 in his one year with the Jets in 2003 before retiring.

DT Larry Webster was #75 in his one year with the Jets in 2002 before retiring.

OL Siupeli Malamala wore this from 1993-97.

From 1963-76, T Winston Hill went to eight Pro Bowls wearing #75 for the Jets.  He played one more year for the LA Rams in 1977 wearing #73.


76. OL Aaron Kia

Aaron wore #77 in college (Hawaii).

LT Jumbo Elliott was wearing this number when he caught a touchdown pass on a Tuesday night win.  He was #76 with the NYJ from 1996-2002 after wearing the same with the NYG from 1988-95.

RT James Brown was #76 from 1993-95.  Of course, not to be confused with this guy.  Or this guy.

DL Ben Rudolph spent his whole career as Jets #76 from 1981-86.

DE Lawrence Pillers wore this number from 1976-80.  


77. DT Kris Jenkins

Big Jinx wore #57 in college (Maryland).  He switched to #77 in Carolina from 2001-07 as LB Lester Towns had that number there.

RG Randy Thomas had this number from 1999-2002.  He kept the same number when he went to Washington in 2003 along with three other "Jetskins".

LT Matt Willig wore #77 from 1993-95.


78. OL Wayne Hunter

I believe Warrior Wayne's number was #73 in college (Hawaii), the same number he had in Seattle from 2004-05.  In Jacksonville in 2006, he was #70.

OL Jonathan Goodwin was one of favorite young guards as a backup with the Jets where he wore #78.  New Orleans converted him to center, where he has worn #76 since 2006.

DL Barry Bennett wore this number from 1982-88.


79. DE Ropati Pitoitua

Ropati was #75 in college (Washington State).

LT Adrian Jones had this number from 2004-07.

New Jersey native OL Dave Szott has been #79 his whole career from 1990-2000 in Kansas City, in 2001 in Washington and from 2002-03 in New York.  Dave currently works as Director of Player Development for Gang Green.

LG Mike Haight wore this number from 1986-91.  He wore #72 in 1992 in Washington.

RT Marvin Powell went to the Pro Bowl five times wearing this number for the Jets from 1977-85.  He wore #74 in Tampa Bay from 1986-87.


80. WR David Vill

Despite not playing football in any sort of team capacity whatsoever, David's humongous contract is getting in the way of Darrelle's salary negotiations.  I'm kidding, of course.  Just checking if you're paying attention.

Tomorrow we will have an edition devoted solely to #80.