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Florio Writes Nonsensical Article

While I'm aware the title of this post could have just as easily been "Water Is Wet," Mike Florio earns a shutout today for an article ridiculous by even his standards.

Last decade, the Redskins had a habit of giving big money to free-agent players from other teams, while ignoring the home-grown draft picks who became good players. 

And the home-grown draft picks who became good players noticed.

Though the Redskins have changed their ways, the phenomenon has begun to invade New York.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the current contract disputes involving cornerback Darrelle Revis and center Nick Mangold flow directly from the team's reluctance to take care of players it drafted, at a time when plenty of money has been given away to strangers.

So we begin with the the asinine Redskins comparison even though there is no merit to it. I've harped on that so many times it's not worth discussing again. Let's go beyond it, though. Exactly what "draft picks who became good players" did the Redskins let go? Can he name one in the past five years? The Redskins have been terrible drafters. I'm not sure of any player they have picked on Revis' or Mangold's level.

Complicating matters is a growing line of Jets players who believe that promises were made but not honored by the front office.  It started  in recent years with guard Pete Kendall and continued with guard Brandon Moore, tight end Chris Baker, receiver Laveranues Coles, and running back Leon Washington.  Now, Revis, Mangold, linebacker Davis Harris, and left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson find themselves, we're told, in the same boat.  Each has been advised, in some form or another, that the team will take care of him, and to date none has received a new deal.

Kendall? Florio has a point there. The Jets were cheap there, and it cost them.

How about the other players? We have one guy the team gave a new contract before last season, thereby honoring that promise. The other two we so productive after leaving New York, their new teams cut them after one season. That's some great proof, Florio. Isn't that more like a demonstration sound decision making by a front office?