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'Hard Knocks' Crew Sets up Shop in Florham

40 members of HBO's 'Hard Knocks' team showed up at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center earlier today.

They worked to set up interview stations and sets to shoot footage on the indoor turf at the facility.

HBO plans to shoot promos for the show starting this week. Mark Taffet, senior vice president of HBO Sports, said that starting this week the cable network plans on getting high-definition shots of 15 to 20 players, along with personal interviews of players and coach Rex Ryan.

According to NewYorkJets.Com, Taffet seems happy to have the Jets as the featured team for his show this season:

"Hard Knocks is a great franchise for HBO — our subscribers love it," Taffet said. "One of the things I’ve been most impressed by so far is the level of cooperation by the players, coaching staff and ownership of the Jets. The team has been fantastic. The players really seem to be having a good time with this."

The five-episode reality series is set to air on Aug. 11, from 10-11 p.m. EST. Four more shows will air each Wednesday from there, culminating in the Sept. 8 season finale.

Let's hope this opportunity is a blessing, and not a curse: we don't need anything jinxing us this year.