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Mehta: No Reason for Concern on Cromartie's Hip

While certain unreputable websites are trying to play up Antonio Cromartie's past hip injury as a concern,Manish Mehta explains why you should not be worried.

There’s no cause for concern over speculation that Antonio Cromartie rested for a few plays during minicamp due to lingering issues with his right hip. (He played 2008 with a two-millimeter crack in that hip suffered in the season opener).


Well, it was Cromartie’s left hip -- not his right -- that was fatigued during minicamp last week.

"His hamstring was fatigued and his hip was fatigued," Cromartie’s agent, Gary Wichard, told me. "(Defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman) was the one who chose to give him a few reps off. It wasn’t a big deal. At the end of the day, it was not the same hip that was hurt two years ago. It’s a nonissue. It was nothing. It’s typical training fatigue. He’s fine."

Cromartie was a standout during the team’s offseason program. The Jets' cornerback was clearly the most impressive defensive player during offseason workouts and minicamp from what I saw. His athletic ability, frankly, is second to none.

"They were trying to connect the dots from 2008 to 2010," Wichard said of the speculation. "But there are no dots. It’s the other hip. He had some fatigue after workouts. He didn’t say he was hurting. He said he could have practiced and done some more reps"

You would have to imagine the Jets gave the hip in question a full examination before completing the trade. Even so, this is one of the reasons not extending Cromartie was a good move. He has to prove himself on the field.