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Jets Flight Numbers 61-70

On to the linemen.  Here they are in the current roster, as well as some players who have previously worn the numbers, going as far back as I feel like it.  Let me know if I missed anybody of note.

Here are numbers 1-10,






#61-70 are after the jump.

61. DL Ty Steinkuhler

Ty wore #43 in college (Nebraska).

LG Adrien Clarke took over for Petey for most of 2007, wearing #61.


62. OL Vladimir Ducasse

The Dancing Bear is currently listed as #68 on the official team website, but that happens to be OL Matt Slauson's number.  The Impaler actually wears #62 after wearing #72 in college (Massachussetts).

Super Bowl Champion LB Al Atkinson spent his whole career with Jets as #88 in 1965, and then #62 from 1966-74.


63. Vacant

DL Ernest Williams, who prefers to go by the nickname "Mick", was released last week.  He wore #95 in college (Pittsburgh).

DT DeWayne Robertson had this number from 2003-07 and he has the same now in Denver.


64. OL Charlie Tanner

Charlie wore #52 in college (Texas).

OL Norm Katnik wore this number in 2006.  Not to be confused with this thing.

OL Dave Yovanovits wore #64 in 2004.


65. RG Brandon Moore

Meat started was a four-year starter as DL in college (Illinois), wearing #96 there.  He was converted to right guard by the Jets and started in 13 games in 2004 and then in every game since 2005.

C Joe Fields was Jets #65 from 1975-87.  He switched to #69 with the Giants in 1988.


66. Vacant

LG Alan Faneca wore this from 2008-09, as well as in Pittsburgh from 2000-07, switching from #65 from 1998-99.  I'm not sure what number he wore in college (LSU).

G Will Montgomery started two games in 2007 after Petey left, taking over the number #66.

LG Pete Kendall has worn this number his whole career, in Seattle from 1996-2000, in Arizona from 2001-03, in New York from 04-06, and in Washington from 07-08.

Super Bowl Champion LG Randy Rasmussen spent his whole career with Jets #66 from 1967-81.


67. RT Damien Woody

Big Wood wore #67 from 2008-09.  He previously wore #65 in New England and Detroit.  I'm not sure what his number was in collge (Boston College).

DE Kimo von Oelhoffen was older than his head coach in 2006, his one year with the Jets, and he wore the same in CIncinnati from 1994-99 and Pittsburgh from 2000-05.

RT Kareem McKenzie wore this number from 2001-04.  He has been with the Giants since 2005 and won the Super Bowl wearing the same number.

Super Bowl Champion RG Dave Herman spent his whole career with Jets #67 from 1964-73.


68. OL Matt Slauson

Matt was #70 in college (Nebraska).

C Kevin Mawae went to four Pro Bowls with the Jets from 1998-2005 wearing this number.  He went to two more in Tennessee still in #68.  He played four years as #52 in Seattle from 1994-97 and convinced LG Pete Kendall to join him in New York in 2004.

RT Anthony Clement was #68 from 2006-07.


69. G Marlon Davis

Marlon wore #76 in college (Alabama).

DT C.J. Mosley went from #75 in 2006, to #95 in 07 and finally #69 in 08, the same number he now has in Cleveland.

LT Jason Fabini has enjoyed #69 his whole career, from 1998-2005 in New York, in 2006 in Dallas and from 2007-08 in Washington.


70. DE Mike Devito

Mike wore #90 in college (Maine).

DL Lance LeGree wore this number in 2005, the same number he had with the Giants in previous years.

LG Stan Waldemore spent his whole career as Jets #70 from 1978-84.


Once a Jet, always a Jet.