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Jets Flight Numbers 51-60

Continuing with the current roster, as well as some players who have previously worn the numbers, going as far back as I feel like it (pretty much around the early 1990s), as well as some notables (according to me, anyway).

Here are numbers 1-10,




and 41-50.

#51-60 are after the jump.

51. ILB Kevin Basped

Kevin wore #99 in college (Nevada).

ILB Ryan Fowler wore this number last year.

MLB Jonathan Vilma wore this from 2004-07.  He then went to New Orleans and won the Super Bowl wearing the same number, which he also wore in college (Miami).

LB James Darling was #51 from 2001-02.

LB Bryan Cox had this number from 1998-2000.  He wore the same number when he helped New England win the Super Bowl in 2001.

LB Greg Buttle spent his whole career as Jets #51 from 1976-84.


52. ILB David Harris

Hitman wore #45 in college (Michigan).

LB Kenyatta Wright was often seen tackling and blocking on special teams in this number from 2003-05.

From 1997-98, LB Pepper Johnson wore #52, the same number he had with the Giants from 1986-92, where he won two Super Bowls under HC Bill Parcells.


53. LB Ezra Butler

He can make the squad if the competition isn't better than Ezra, who wore #56 in college (Nevada).

LB Larry Izzo started in the NFL playing for STC Mike Westhoff in Miami in 1996.  Last year, they were reunited in New York, with Larry to the Izzo in #53, which he has worn his whole career.

LB Cody Spencer wore this number from 2006-08.

LB Khary Campbell was #53 from 2002-03. 

From 1995-99, LB Chad Cascadden wore this number.

OL Jim Sweeney was Jets #53 from 1984-94.


54. LB Kenwin Cummings

I'm not sure what number Kenwin wore in college (Wingate).

LB Victor Hobson wore #54 from 2003-07.

LB Dwayne Gordon wore this number from 1997-2000.

LB Stan Blinka was #54 from 1979-83.

MLB Marvin Jones started out wearing #54 in 1993 but switched to #55 after LB Bobby Houston left in 1997.


55. LB Jamaal Westerman

Jamaal wore #90 in college (Rutgers).

LB Brad Kassell spent his career in #55, with Tennessee from 2002-05 and New York from 2006-07.

LB Mark Brown was #55 from 2004-05, after being #50 in 2003.

MLB Marvin Jones spent his whole career with Gang Green wearing #54 from 1993-96 and switching to #55 from 1997-2003.

LB Bobby Houston had the number from 1991-96.

LB Ron Crosby was #55 from 1979-83.

LB John Ebersole was #55 from 1970-77.


56. LB Lance Laury

Lance wore #48 in college (South Carolina).  He wore #47 in Seattle in 2006 and switched to #50 from 2007 to last year.

LB Vernon Gholston as a rookie wore #56 before switching to #50 after LB Eric Barton left.

LB Anthony Schlegel wore this number in 2006.

After years as #94 DE John Abraham switched to #56 in 2005 because his birthday is on May 6th.  Johnny Abe then went to Atlanta in 2006 and has been wearing #55 there since.  I believe his number was #95 in college (South Carolina).

From 2002-04 LB Sam Cowart wore the number.  Unfortunately for Sam, he was acquired after we let LB James Farrior go to Pittsburgh, so it's hard for me to ever be a big fan of him.  In addition to that, he was replaced by MLB Jonathan Vilma, who thoroughly outshined him.

LB Roman Phifer wore this number from 1999-2000.  He switched to #95 when he helped New England win the Super Bowl in 2001.

DE Jeff Lageman wore #56 his whole career, with New York from 1989-94 and with Jacksonville from 1995-98.

LB Lance Mehl spent his whole career as Jets #56 from 1980-87.


57. ILB Bart Scott

The Madbacker was #57 in Baltimore from 2002-08.  I'm not sure what he wore in college (Southern Illinois), but his #32 jersey has been retired by his high school.  He has also been seen with #9 in his early days.

LB Jason Trusnik was #57 from 2007-08.  With the arrival of Bad Bart, he switched to #96.  He was traded to Cleveland mid-season last year and wears #93 there.

In 2004 LB Darrell McClover wore this number.  Not to be confused with this guy.  I believe he was Vilma's roommate in college, so I thought it was great that they ended up in the same team together.  However, he went to Chicago in 2006.

LB Mo Lewis spent his whole career as Jets #57 from 1991-2003.

LB John Woodring spent his whole career as Jets #57 from 1981-85.


58. LB Josh Mauga

Josh wore #30 in college (Nevada).

LB Matt Chatam spent his career in #58, with New England from 2000-05 and New York from 2006-07.

LB James Farrior was #58 from 1997-2001.  He went to Pittsburgh in 2002 and has won two Super Bowls wearing #51.  I believe he wore #42 in college (Virginia).

LB Wilber Marshall spent his whole career in #58, including his one year with the Jets in 1995.

LB Joe Kelly had this number from 1990-92, the same number he wore in Cincinnati from 1986-89.


59. C Robby Felix

Robby wore #62 in college (UTEP).

From 1984-96, LB Kyle Clifton owned this number.  Apparently, nobody has really wanted it since.


60. LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Brick was #66 in college (Virginia).

RG Dan Alexander spent his whole career as Jets #60 from 1977-89.

Super Bowl Champion LB Larry Grantham went to multiple Pro Bowls as a Titan and then a Jet from 1960-72, spending his whole career as #60 for the franchise.


Once a Jet, always a Jet.