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Rookie Deals Coming Soon?

Cimini expects Vladimir Ducasse to be locked up soon.

Barring something crazy, look for second-round LG Vladimir Ducasse to sign over the next week or so. Right now, the Jets have two draft picks under contract, with Ducasse and Wilson still unsigned. Ducasse (No. 61 overall) figures to land a four-year contract for about $3.4 million, including a signing bonus of about $1 million. Wilson (No. 29 overall) should be about $13.4 million on a five-year deal, including close to $7 million in guarantees.

Once they hammer out those fairly routine deals, the Jets will be able to concentrate on more important matters, like Revis and C Nick Mangold and … you know the list.

The Jets may wait for the Patriots to sign Devin McCourty before they sign Wilson. McCourty was picked just before Wilson and plays the same position so it will provide a set of parameters.