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Jets Flight Numbers 41-50

Continuing with the current roster, as well as some players who have previously worn the numbers, going as far back as I feel like it (pretty much around the early 1990s).

Here are numbers 1-10,



and 31-40.

#41-50 are after the jump.

41. Vacant

I believe the last person to actually play in #41 was FB Jamar Martin, who was with us for one year in 2006.

Apart from his rookie year in Philadelphia in 1986, FB Keith Byars spent his long career wearing this number.  His last year was his one season with the Jets in 1998.

Super Bowl Champion and 3-time Pro Bowler FB Matt Snell had this number from 1964-72.


42. Vacant

S Brannon Condren was released a few days ago, but he wore this during his stint this spring, as well as from 2007-08 in Indianapolis.  I believe his number was #28 in college (Troy), which he also wore in his brief time in Miami.

DB Rashad Washington spent his whole career with Gang Green from 2004-07.  He was mostly on special teams.  He was #2 in college (Kansas State).

Sam Garnes wore this number in his two seasons with the Jets from 2002-03.

From 1977-84, RB Bruce Harper wore #42.  Fireman Ed likes to wear his throwback jersey.

DB Ronnie Lott spent his whole career in this number, with San Franciso from 1981-90, with the LA Raiders from 91-92, and with New York from 93-94.

DB John Booty wore this number from 1988-90.  Not to be confused with this guy.

Super Bowl Champion CB Randy Beverly had this number from 1967-69.


43. FB Jason Davis

Jason wore #34 in college (Illinois), which he also wore in Oakland in 2008.

DB Vance Joseph had this number in 1995, as well as in Indianapolis the next year.

CB Michael Brim had #43 from 1991-92.


44. DB James Ihedigbo

Digs wore #7 in college (Massachussetts).

Another James wore this number in 2006, FB James Hodgins.

Before he was a Jets DB Coach from 2004-06, DB Corwin Brown helped turn around the franchise from 1997-98.

In his second sting with the team DB Lonnie Young wore #44 from 1995-96.  He wore #31 from 1991-93.

FB John Riggins was a Jet from 1971-75 wearing this number, as well as for Washington from 1976-79 and 80-85.


45. Vacant

I believe the last person to actually play in #45 was DB Oliver Celestin from 2004-05.

CB Otis Smith wore this number from 1995-99.  In 2000 he followed the 1-day HC of the NYJ up north and kept the same number.

Super Bowl Champion DB Earl Christy had this number from 1966-68.


46. LS Tanner Purdum

Tanner was listed as #43 with Kansas City.  I have no idea what number he wore in college (Baker).

DB Rich Sowells had #46 from 1971-76.

Super Bowl Champion CB Bill Baird had this number from 1963-69.


47. LB Cory Reamer

Cory wore #13 in college (Alabama).

DB Scott Frost wore #47 from 1998-2000.


48. LB Brashton Satele

Brashton goes from Warrior green #13 in college (Hawaii) to Jets green #48.

DB Brian Washington had this number from 1990-94.


49. FB Tony Richardson

Tony wore this number his whole career.  I believe he was #40 in college (Auburn), but when he was drafted by Kansas City, veteran CB and former Jet James Hasty had the number so he ended up wearing for ten years there, then two in Minnesota and in New York since 2008.

RB Tony Paige wore #49 from 1984-86.  He moved on to Detroit and Miami wearing the same.


50. DE Vernon Gholston

Ghost wore #56 as a rookie in 2008 but after LB Eric Barton left, he switched to #50, his number in college (Ohio State).  

Barton previously wore this number from 2004-08 and kept it with Clevelands.  He also wore the same in Oakland from 1999-2003.  I think he wore #44 in college (Maryland).

Speaking of Browns, LB Mark Brown wore #50 in 2003.  He switched to #55 from 2004-05.

LB Glenn Cadrez had this number from 1992-95.  He then went to Denver and switched to #59.

Remember LB Bob Crable?  I don't.  I was in kindergarten.  He spent his whole career with the Jets from 1982-87.


And remember, once a Jet, always a Jet.