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Jets Flight Numbers 31-40

Familiarize yourself with the current roster.  And just for the hell of it, remember some players who've worn the numbers 31-40 in the past.  I don't have time to go through the whole lineage of numbers, but feel free to add anyone notable that I may have missed.

Here are numbers 1-10,


and 21-30.

#31-40 are after the jump.

31. CB Antonio Cromartie

Cro played in #25 in his rookie year in 2006 before switching to #31 from 2007-09.  His number was #13 in college (Florida State).

Previously CB Ahmad Carroll wore this number from 2008-09.

3-time Pro Bowler CB Aaron Glenn wore #31 in green & white from 1994-2001.  Houston stole acquired him through the expansion draft in 2002, and he kept the same number there.  He switched to #26 in Dallas from 2005-06.  He was #31 again in Jacksonville and New Orleans.  I believe this was also his number in college (Texas A&M).

Gotta love players named Green.  DB Ray Green briefly wore #31 for the Jets in 2003.

Super Bowl Champion FB Bill Mathis spent all of his career in #31 as a Titan from 1960-62 and a Jet from 1963-69. 

32. RB Chauncey Washington

Chauncey wore #31 in Dallas, #34 in Jacksonville and #23 in college (USC).

In 2006 RB Kevan Barlow wore #32.

From 1997-2000 we had Leon returning kicks for us, RB Leon Johnson.

RB Anthony Johnson wore this number in his one year with the Jets in 1994.  For most of his career, however, he was #23, with Indianapolis, Carolina and Jacksonville.

RB Blair Thomas was #32 from 1990-93.

Super Bowl Champion RB Emerson Boozer spent all of his career as Jets #32, from 1966-75.

33. S Eric Smith

Eric has had this number since his rookie year in 2006.  In college (Michigan State) he was #36.

Super Bowl Champion P Curley Johnson was New York Titans #20 from 1961-62 and Jets #33 from 1963-68.

34. DB Marquice Cole

Marquice has been with Oakland, Tennesee and New Orleans but never made the active roster.  He wears #34 with the Jets after wearing #20 in college (Northwestern).

CB Dwight Lowery was #34 as a rookie in 2008.  Last year he was #21, and this season he is #26.

No, that was not LaMont in 2005-06.  RB Cedric Houston wore this number during that period.  I liked this kid.  Too bad he had to retire so quickly.

RB LaMont Jordan was #34 from 2001-04.

RB Bernie Parmalee wore this number from 1999-2000 after wearing #30 in Miami for seven years.

RB Johnny Hector spent all of his career as Jets #34, from 1983-92.

35. DB Donovan Warren

Don wore #6 in college (Michigan).

FB B.J. Askew wore the number from 2003-06 in New York and from 2007-09 in Tampa Bay.

Super Bowl Champion RB Billy Joe was #33 from 1967-69.  Not to be confused with this guy.

36. SS Jim Leonhard

Jim also wore this number in Baltimore and #42 in Buffalo.  He was #18 in college (Wisconsin).

CB David Barrett was #36 in New York from 2004-08, as well as in Arizona previously from 2000-03.

37. Vacant

The last person to wear this in a regular season game was FB Darian Barnes for one year in 2007.

This doesn't seem to be that popular of a number.  At least, not throughout the '00s and '90s (and I don't feel like going much farther than that).  DB Anthony Prior wore #37 from 1993-95 and promptly changed to #40 when he went to Minnesota.

38. FB John Conner

John (aka The Terminator, aka No Neck) also wore this number in college (Kentucky).

From 2002-04 S Jon McGraw was #38.

DB Earthwind Moreland played in only one game in 2000, but you can't forget a name like that.

39. Vacant

Another number that hasn't been popular since the early '90s.  RB Johnny Johnson wore this from 1993-94.  Nice name.  Plus the fact that he was actually a Jr. and named after someone else.

40. CB Brian Jackson

Brian was #2 in college (Oklahoma).

The last person to wear this in a regular season game was TE Joe Kowalewski for one year in 2007.

CB James Hasty had this number from 1988-84, and he wore the same in Kansas City from 1995-2000.  He briefly wore #34 in his short time in Oakland in 2001.

DB Bobby Jackson spent all of his career as Jets #40, from 1978-85.