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Does Bulger Affect Brunell?

Cimini asks whether the contract Marc Bulger signed with the Ravens will make Mark Brunell ask for more money.

From all indications, the Jets are planning to sign backup QB Mark Brunell on or after July 24, when the "Final Eight" restrictions are lifted. Neither Brunell nor Bulger is close to what he used to be, but will Bulger's stunning deal drive up Brunell's asking price? Many figured Brunell would sign for the minimum ($860,000 for a player with his experience), but now you have to wonder. This premise, of course, is based on the assumption that Brunell doesn't already have a handshake deal in place with the Jets.


My guess is no. Brunell is 6 years older and has started a grand total of 1 game since 2006. The two situations aren't really comparable. Bulger can at least be an adequate stopgap based on his recent play. I'm not really sure why the Jets are interested in Brunell. It doesn't look like he has much left in the tank. It's not clear he's even an upgrade over Kellen Clemens. If the team didn't want to pursue Bulger for whatever reason, let Kevin O'Connell and Erik Ainge battle it out for the backup job.

Now the fact Brunell is filing for bankruptcy might make him ask for more money, but it comes down to supply and demand. It does not appear Brunell has another suitor at this point. If the Jets are going to pay more than the minimum, there needs to be another team willing to do so to drive up his price.