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Jets Flight Numbers 21-30

Running backs and DBs wear #20-49.  All our current RBs have odd numbers.  

Check out which players are currently wearing #1-10 here, and #11-20 here, as well as those who have recently worn them.

Numbers 21-30 are after the jump.

21. RB LaDainian Tomlinson

LT wore the same in San Diego after wearing #5 in college (TCU).  

Previously, CB Dwight Lowery wore this number.

CB Justin Miller switched to this number after wearing #22 from 2005-07.

#21 was worn by CB Andre Dyson in his two years with the Jets from 2006-07.

DB Derrick Strait from 2004-05, then switched to #20 in 2006 before leaving the team.

CB Aaron Beasley wore #21 for six years in Jacksonville as well as for the Jets in 2002-03.

Gotta love players named Green.  S Victor Green owned this number for most of his career from 1993-2001.  He switched o #27 for New England and #23 for New Orleans.

22. FS Brodney Pool

Brodney wore #21 in Cleveland and switched to #22 this year with Gang Green.  He was #23 in college (Oklahoma).

RB Danny Woodhead wore #22 last year before switching positions and numbers to #83 at wideout.

In 2008, RB Jesse Chatman had this number early in the season.  Then it was worn by CB Ty Law when he joined mid-season.

CB Justin Miller wore #22 from 2005-07 and with his second stint with the team last year.

S Tyrone Carter was #22 in one year with Gang Green in 2003.  He currently has two Super Bowl rings with Pittsburgh wearing #23.

S Damien Robinson followed Herman Edwards to the Jets in 2001 and switched to this number from #21 in Tampa Bay.  He will forever be remembered as the guy whose helmet was tossed by New Orleans C Kyle Turley, unless you have already forgotten about it.

RB Dave Meggett wore #22 with the Jets in 1998 before he retired.

FB Lorenzo Neal had this number in 1997.  He would later block for LT in San Diego wearing #41.

S Erik McMillan was Jets #22 from 1988-92.

This was S Jim Hudson's number when the Jets won Super Bowl III.

23. RB Shonn Greene

The Greene Machine also wore this number in college (Iowa).

Previously, the number was worn by DB Hank Poteat.  He wore #31 the previous two seasons in 2006-07.  He stayed with #23 in Cleveland.

For his three years in Kansas City and two years with Gang Green, RB Derrick Blaylock wore this number.

DB Jamie Henderson was #23 from 2001-03.

S Kevin Williams had this number from 1998-2000.

24. CB Darrelle Revis

Mr. Manhattan was #25 in college (Pittsburgh).

CB Ty Law wore #24 for ten years in New England.  He went to the Pro Bowl in 2005 wearing the same in green & white.  He kept the number for two seasons in Kansas City but went with #22 for his second stint in New York and #26 in Denver.

CB Ray Mickens wore this number for eight years with the Jets.  In 2005, he stated that he would welcome Ty Law to the team and support him.  He ended up being cut to make room for the guy, who then took the number.  Ray-Ray was #23 in Cleveland and #38 in New England.

CB Johnny Sample won Super Bowl III wearing this number.

3-time Pro Bowler RB Freeman McNeil was Jets #24 his whole career from 1981-92.

25. RB Joe McKnight

Joe wore #4 in college (USC), and the story is that he was upset at being assigned #25 as it is also fellow former Trojan RB Reggie Bush's NFL number, and he was tired of the comparisons.

Previously, FS Kerry Rhodes wore the number, and in Arizona he stays with the same.  As a Cardinal in college (Louisville) he was #1.

S Reggie Tongue was #25 in his one season in Gang Green in 2004.

S Nick Ferguson has been wearing this number his whole career, starting with the Jets in 2000 before playing for Denver and Houston.

26. CB Dwight Lowery

Dwight had #21 last season but gave it up to L Train this year.  I believe there was money exchanged.  In 2008, Lowery wore #34 as a rookie.  He was #25 in college (San Jose State).

Previously, the number was worn by CB Lito Sheppard, who had the same number with Philadelphia.  Currently in Minnesota, he is listed as #29, as DB Antoine Winfield has #26.

S Erik Coleman had this number from his rookie year in 2004 until 2007.  He currently wears the same in Atlanta.

In 2003, DB Omare Lowe wore this number.

RB Chad Morton returned kicks for two touchdowns in one game wearing this number in 2002.  

S Omar Stoutmire was #26 in his one Jets season in 1999.

27. RB Danny Woodhead

Danny wore #22 as a running back last year.  After WR Chansi Stuckey was traded to Cleveland, Woodhead became a receiver and switched to #83, although he initially didn't want to, out of respect for Chansi.  His number was #3 in college (Chadron State).  This year, Danny is a back again and wearing #27.

Last year, CB Donald Strickland wore the number after wearing #30 in Indianapolis and San Francisco.  He is currently listed as #30 as well in San Diego.

S Abram Elam had this number in his two years with Gang Green.  He was previously #37 in Dallas and currently #26 in Cleveland.

DB Terrell Buckley wore #27 for most of his career which includes Green Bay, Miami and New England.  He had the same number with the NYJ in 2004 and then switched to #22 with the NYG the next year before retiring.

DB Tony Scott wore #27 from 2000-01.

FB Jerald Sowell had this number in his rookie year in 1997.  He switched to #33 from 1998-05 and with Tampa Bay in 2006.

28. Retired - RB Curtis Martin

Our favorite Martin wore #29 in college (Pittsburgh) but switched to #28 at New England as #29 was taken by veteran DB Myron Guyton.  He kept #28 in green & white from 1998-2005.

Previously, CB Raymond Austin was also listed as #28 early on in 1998.

RB Reggie Cobb wore the number when he was with the team in 1996.

RB Pat Chaffey had the number during 1992-93.

DB Carl Howard owned the number from 1985-90.

From 1980-84, #28 was DB Darrol Ray.

DB Cecil Leonard wore the number from 1969-70.

RB Abner Haynes wore it for a few games in 1967.

DB Jim Gray wore it in 1966.  Not to be confused with this guy.

29. DB Bo Smith

Bo was #7 for the CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats and #45 in college (Weber State).

Previously, this number was worn by RB Leon Washington, whose birthday is on August 29.  Little Leon is listed as #33 for Seattle, as he wore #3 in college (Florida State).

CB Donnie Abraham wore #29 with the Jets from 2002-04.

DB Corey Sawyer wore it in 1999.

From 1993-97, this was worn by RB Adrian Murrell.  He wore the same in Arizona, switched to #22 in Washington and back to #29 in Dallas.

DB Johnny Lynn was Jets #29 his whole career from 1979-86.

30. CB Drew Coleman

Drew has had this number since his rookie year in 2006.  He wore #11 in college (TCU).

DB Chris Hayes wore this number for most of his career, which was with the Jets from 1997-2001.  He then switched to #29 for New England.

RB Brad Baxter was Jets #30 his whole career from 1989-95.