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Jets Flight Numbers 11-20

Continuing on with the rosterizing.  NFL numbers 1-19 are assigned for punters, kickers and quarterbacks only, but wide receivers can also wear numbers 10-19.

Check out #1-10 here.   Numbers 11-20 are after the jump.

11. QB Kellen Clemens

Clemens wore the same in college (Oregon).  Veteran QB Patrick Ramsey had this number in 2006.  Kellen's birthday is June 6 so he went with #6 for that year, then #11 after Patrick went to Denver.  Ramsey wore #11 there also, as well as with Washington.

P Brian Hansen wore this number with the Jets, after wearing #10 with New Orleans and New England, and before #12 with Washington.

WR Tory Woodbury wore this number in 2001 and then switched to #89 in 2002.

K Jim Turner won Super Bowl III in this number and went to the Pro Bowl that season as well.


12. Retired - QB Joe Namath

Super Bowl III occured on the 12th of January 1969.  Joe Willie also wore #12 for the LA Rams and in college (Alabama).  I think the only other person to wear this on the franchise was New York Titans QB Al Dorow.


13. Retired - WR Don Maynard

Maynard also wore #13 in his one year with the Giants before the Jets, in his one year with the St. Louis Cardinals after the Jets, and in college (Texas Western).


14. WR Marcus Henry

Not to be confused with this guy.  Marcus wore #86 in college (Kansas) but TE Chris Baker had that number when Henry was drafted in 2008.

QB Neil O'Donnell wore this in his two seasons with the Jets.  He had the same number in Pittsburgh and Tennessee, but he wore #12 in Cincinnati.


15. WR Larry Taylor

Larry wore #25 for the CFL's Montreal Alouettes and #24 in college (Connecticut).  Apparently, an alouette is a skylark.

Previously, this number was worn by special teams ace WR Wallace Wright.  (Hey, Wallace!)  He keeps that number in Carolina and goes back to the same state as his college (UNC), where he wore #29.


16. WR Brad Smith

Brad also wore the same in college (Missouri).

Previously, QB Vinny Testaverde held the number.  Vinny was #14 in college (Miami) and for Tampa Bay.  He switched to #12 in Cleveland, as #14 there is retired for QB Otto Graham.  He moved with the team to Baltimore and kept the same number.  Joining his hometown team in 1998, O'Donnell had #14 and obviously he couldn't have #12, so he went with #16.  He also wore the same in Dallas, #14 in New England and then back to #16 in Carolina.


17. WR Braylon Edwards

Braylon wore #1 in college (Michigan), but as wideouts are limited to numbers 10-19 or 80-89 in the NFL, he went with #17 in Cleveland and the same with Gang Green.

WR Britt Davis wore this at the start of last year, but switched to #19 with the arrival of Edwards.

WR David Clowney wore this as a rookie in 2008.  After WR Laveranues Coles left the team, David switched back to #87, his number in college (Virginia Tech).

WR Tim Dwight wore this number in his one year with the Jets. 

P John Kidd also wore this in his one year with the team.

QB Quincy Carter wore #17 with the Jets in 2004 and won 2 out of 3 games as a starter.  He had the same number in Dallas.


18. Vacant

QB Ray Lucas wore #18 when he first joined Gang Green in 1997.  He switched to #6 for three more years in New York and two in Miami.

WR Harry Wiliams Jr. wore this in 2005.


19. WR Britt Davis

Britt was #7 in college (Northern Illinois).  He switched to #17 with the Jets, but as mentioned above, Braylon joined the team mid-season last year.

WR Keyshawn Johnson wore this with the Jets, Tampa Bay, Dallas and Carolina after wearing #3 in college (USC).


20. CB Kyle Wilson

Kyle's number was #1 in college (Boise State).

RB Thomas Jones wore this number previously, as well as in Chicago and currently in Kansas City.  TJ was #26 in Arizona and #22 in Tampa Bay.

FB Richie Anderson started out as #33 in 1993, his rookie year.  Then he switched to #20 from 1994-2002, as well as for two more years in Dallas after.

RB Michael Bates wore this number in 2003 after Anderson left.

DB Derek Pagel wore this in 2004, switching from his college number (Iowa) #25 in 2003.  Veteran DB Reggie Tongue took #25 that year and had an interception in the playoff game at Pittsburgh.

DB Derrick Strait wore this in 2006, switching from #21 which he wore from 2004-05 after veteran CB Andre Dyson joined the team and took #21, his college number (Utah).