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Jets Flight Numbers 1-10

You can't seem to go wrong with naming a Jets related story or show as "Jets Flight" something, so anyway...

I was at the open practice at the stadium last week, and every once in a while, I would hear somebody say, "Who's that guy?"  Or something like, "Which one is the Terminator?"  I actually remember going to a preseason game in 2005, and after a big gain by RB Cedric Houston, some guy yells out real loud in the stands, "Is that LaMont?!" 

So, in order to keep you guys familiar with the team when you go to a practice or watch them on "Hard Knocks", here are the current players on the roster, by the numbers starting today with #1-10.

Check them out after the jump.

1. Vacant

The last player to wear the number was K Mike Nugent.  He went on to play for Tampa Bay and Arizona and wore #4 in both places.  He is currently signed with Cincinnati, listed as wearing #2.

P Matt Turk wore this number with the Jets, as well as all the other teams he has joined.

CB Kyle Wilson wore this number in college (Boise State).  In the NFL, numbers 1-19 are reserved for kickers, punters and quarterbacks, so Kyle is wearing #20 with Gang Green.

FS Kerry Rhodes also wore #1 in college (Louisville).  He wore #25 for the Jets and the same now for Arizona.

WR Braylon Edwards was another #1 in college (Michigan).  He went with #17 in Cleveland and the Jets, as wideouts are limited to numbers 10-19 or 80-89.


2. K Nick Folk

Nick wore #6 in Dallas.  Obviously, he couldn't keep that number with the Jets.  I think he wore #16 in college (Arizona).


3. QB Erik Ainge

Erik wore #9 in 2008.  Last year, he switched to #10, his number in college (Tennessee).  The story is that he had second thoughts about taking the number out of respect for QB Chad Pennington.  With the addition of Super Bowl MVP WR Santonio Holmes, Ainge switched again to #3 a few weeks ago.  Reportedly, he didn't take any money from Holmes for the number change.

Last year, #3 was K Jay Feely, who also served as punter in the wild card game.  Jay wore #4 in Atlanta, #2 with the Giants, #3 with Miami and now #4 with Arizona.

QB Rick Mirer wore this number in almost all of the teams he joined (Jets, Seattle, San Franciso, Oakland), except for Chicago where he was #13.

QB Kliff Kingsbury wore this in 2005, when we had about a dozen quarterbacks on the roster.

P Jeremy Kapinos wore this as a rookie with the Jets.  He wore #7 in Green Bay.

WR Keyshawn Johnson was #3 in college (USC) and switched to #19 with the Jets.


4. Vacant

The last player to wear this number was, um, who was that guy again?  It was a quarterback whose last name started with the letter F.  Hmm...  Glenn Foley.

P Dan Stryzinski wore #4 with the Jets, as well as all the other teams he has joined. 

The same goes for P Toby Gowin.

QB Pat Ryan wore this number from 1978-80 and then switched to #10 until 1989.


5. Vacant

K Jared Ballman had this number until he was cut yesterday.  Before him, QB Brett Ratfliff wore it, and he has the same number now in Cleveland.

QB Brooks Bollinger wore this with the Jets and with Dallas.  He wore #9 in Minnesota.


6. QB Mark Sanchez

Mark wore the same number in college (USC).  Previously, it was worn by P Reggie Hodges who is now #2 in Cleveland.  QB Kellen Clemens (whose birthday is June 6) wore this number as a rookie, when veteran QB Patrick Ramsey had #11.

Fan favorite and current SNY analyst QB Ray Lucas wore this number with the Jets and with Miami.

K Doug Brien was #6 in his two seasons with the Jets, but wore #10 and #4 in other teams.

QB Bubby Brister wore this number with Gang Green and with all the other teams he joined.


7. QB Kevin O'Connell

Kevin also wore this number in college (San Diego State).  He wore #5 in New England.  Previously, the number was worn by P Ben Graham, who also wore #7 in New Orleans and then #5 in Arizona.

P Tom Tupa wore this number with the Jets.

QB Frank Reich wore this when he led the team to their lone win in 1996.

QB Boomer Esiason wore this with his hometown team, as well as Cincinnati and Arizona.

QB Ken O'Brien wore this number with the Jets and Philadelphia.


8. P T.J. Conley

T.J. wore #14 in college (Idaho).

K Nick Lowery wore this number with the Jets and broke a few records in it.


9. P Steve Weatherford

Steve wore #37 in college (Illinois), #7 in New Orleans and #6 in Kansas City and Jacksonville.  As mentioned before, Erik Ainge wore #9 on the Jets before him.

K John Hall wore this number with the Jets.  He switched to #10 in Washington.

QB Jay Fiedler wore this with the Jets and Miami.  He wore #11 in Philadelphia, Minnesota and Jacksonville.


10. WR Santonio Holmes

Santonio wore #10 in Pittsburgh, where he became Super Bowl MVP.  In college (Ohio State), he was #4.

As mentioned before, Erik Ainge wore #10 before him.  QB Chad Pennington had this number for eight years since 2000.  Former Jets HC Herman Edwards would sometimes refer to Chad as "Ten".  He now wears the same number in Miami.

QB Jack Trudeau wore this with the Jets, as well as Indianapolis and Carolina.

QB Pat Ryan wore this with the Jets from 1981-89 and in 1991 with Philadelphia.


I've mostly noted recent players to wear these numbers.  There's obviously more that I haven't included.  Feel free to add in the comments section any tidbits of info regarding Jets numbers 1-10 past and present, college and NFL.  Next up will be numbers 11-20.