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Braylon Edwards Is Excited to Return to His Home(s)

Michigan native and UM alumni Braylon Edwards is already looking forward to the matchup with Detroit in Ford Field in November. Everyone loves to go back home, right?

The Jets schedule is quite eerie though, because the week after the Jets play the Lions, they travel to Cleveland. Surely a place he is not going to receive a warm welcome in when facing his former team.

Freep reports about Braylon's thoughts on returning home:

"I'm excited to play back home," Edwards said Saturday at his charity basketball event in Ann Arbor. "... It'll be fun because I have so much family here that supports me. So I can't wait for them to get a chance to come to the game."

"Seven days later is the game I'm worried about," he said. "We go to Cleveland. You know I've got a little chip on my shoulder the size of the golden nugget. So I can't wait to go out there."

He will be motivated to be a game-changer in both of these games, that's for sure.

In semi-related news, Spencer Hall posted a picture of Braylon's new beard to the SBN front page. You can view it (here).