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Running Backs Coach: 'I See Myself As Having Two Starters'

Jets RB Coach, Anthony Lynn, is having a hard time giving any back the title of "RB1." After the Jets re-structured their RB corps by letting go of Leon Washington and Thomas Jones, they also added LaDainian Tomlinson and drafted Joe McKnight. So what does one do with that much talent? Frankly, we're not sure Lynn knows what the best possible solution is either!

"I see myself as having two starters," Lynn said. 

"It depends on the flow of the game. If we're better off in our big personnel, Shonn will get more touches. If we go little, like we did last year with Leon (Washington) in our nickel package, L.T. will get more touches. It's all situational."

So basically, playing time will differ on a game-by-game basis, and will be determined by game situations and matchups.

On another note, Shonn Greene, whose ample weight is said to be between 226 and 228 pounds, showed up seven pounds overweight for the start of off-season workouts.

Source: Rich Cimini's article which can be viewed (here)