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Play Fantasy Football: Gang Green Nation Style

Gang Green Nation is going to host a fantasy football league this year on award winning Fantasy Football Commissioner, which has been kind enough to sponsor this site. Playing in our league will cost you nothing. If you have interest, sign up below. Right now I'm looking at having 10 teams or so. If we have a ton of interest, we'll hold a lottery to see which readers get to play.

I have some more good news. Do you love playing fantasy football with your friends? You can get your own fantasy league at Fantasy Football Commissioner for just $89.99 if you book through Gang Green Nation. That's half of the regular $179.99 price. Think about it. That's only $9 per player in a 10 team league. It's $7.50 per player in a 12 team league. You'll also get a free 14 day trial to test it out before you have to pay. Fantasy Football Commissioner is the most advanced fantasy football game out there. You can customize anything from the draft to scoring to keepers to archives of past seasons. You can access your team on a mobile phone.

If you're interested in our league, let me know below. If you want to get into the best fantasy league host around for half price and a 14 day free trial, click here. It will help the site and give you a great playing experience. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.

This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.