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Another Reason a Revis Holdout Makes No Sense

Cimini reports about a largely unknown quirk in the CBA that provides another indication Darrelle Revis will be in camp.

Based on the risk-reward, it's possible that CB Darrelle Revis won't show up for training camp, Aug. 1. But if he doesn't, don't expect a prolonged holdout. People are forgetting that, because it's an uncapped year, there's a new rule in play:

If a holdout lasts beyond Aug. 10 -- 30 days before the first game of the league year (Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints, Sept. 9), the player will not receive credit for a year of service. That means he'd be giving up a year toward free agency.

So if Revis stages a holdout until Aug. 10, will that accomplish anything? He and his agents have about six weeks to make that decision, assuming they don't get a new deal by then.

The Revis contract saga is a legitimate story, but this is another example as to why it presents the Jets with little immediate danger.