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Review of Jets Minicamp/New Stadium

I just got back from first visit to the new palace. Let me just say, the new digs are kind of intimidating in a good sort of way. I have not been to a live game since '07, and just seeing the place made me want to do whatever it takes to get to a game at some point (still not buying PSLs though).

Stadium aside, here's some thoughts on the practice itself:

There were chants of "RE-SIGN-RE-VIS!!!" I know Mike T was there to hear that.

The offense showed up today. The best receiver today was J-Co. Dustin had a lot of nice catches. The offense didn't dominate by any means, but it was more even today that it probably usually is. McKnight showed he had some pretty moves.

Kellen Clemens looked awful. Brunell will be signed in July, and Clemens will be gone. He completed a few passes, most of which were dump offs.

Defense: Dwight Lowery and Kyle Wilson played well. Cromartie, however, was by far the most spectacular of the CB's today. His height allowed him to go up for balls most CB's have no business catching. He picked off Rex about three times. Revis was his usual self. Jason Taylor didn't practice much. Jenkins was limited as well.

I also, with my very own eyes, witnessed Darrelle Revis give up a reception. Yes, I am just as stunned as you are.

The guy in front of me got Shotty's visor. And Jason Taylor was about 5 feet away from me, giving autographs, when he decided to retire to the locker room. Story of my life.

I also witnessed what was probably the lamest of all secret handshakes between Sanchez and Taylor. Seriously, it was that stupid. They involved the legs and everything like they were in the girl scout brownie troops.

Anyway, besides not getting an autograph (or a visor), it was fun time to be had by all at a free event, and the team looked good.