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Mangold Vents About Contract Status

Darrelle Revis isn't the only Jet unhappy about his contract. Nick Mangold unloaded yesterday to the press.

"I've tried to do the right things on and off the field, and I feel it's the Jets' turn to do the same. Not having that security of an extension is bothersome."

The Jets could always have Mangold play out the final year of his contract and then slap him with the franchise tag.

Even though that would guarantee him a large salary, the franchise tag wouldn't offer long-term protection against injury -- which is why Mangold remains very cool to that idea.

"It'll affect our long-term relationship," Mangold said.

"If they're going to let me go through the season without the security of a long-term deal [and then apply the franchise tag], I'm going to have to decide my wants and desires to be on a team that would allow that to happen."

Sometimes I really wonder what kind of advice these players are getting from their representation about speaking to the media. Offensive linemen under the franchise tag make $9.1 million in 2010. Does $9.1 million really not  provide enough long-term security, Nick?

Mangold's the best center in the league. I'm definitely inclined to take his side when he says he's earned a new deal. I think Revis is right to seek a new contract also. People forget contracts are not guaranteed in the league. Teams can cut players at any time, and everybody is one play away from seeing their earning potential in the game end since the sport is so violent.

I would just like to see guys like Nick and Darrelle use a little more discretion in their comments. One-fifth of this country is either out of work or underemployed. An awful lot of people are struggling to just get by. Comments like these from athletes making millions of dollars to play a game they love show a lack of maturity and a real tone deafness.