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Some Perspective on Revis' Situation

The media would like for you to believe the sky is falling in Florham Park because Darrelle Revis doesn't have perfect attendence at OTA's due to discontent over his contract. I've never heard so many people go so crazy over offseason practices. Why are these so important? The truth is they aren't. It's just a slow time of year, and this makes for a headline grabbing story. Let's look at this objectively.

Revis in reality has very little leverage. He is under contract for three more seasons. The Jets own his rights. Unless he wants to go to the UFL or CFL, he doesn't have anywhere else to go. What else can Revis do? He can hold out of camp, but he would be subject to a fine of over $16,000 per day that could grow if he misses preseason games. That adds up quickly.

What if Revis does miss camp? Remember 2007 when he missed 21 days? How did that affect his play? I remember a rookie who stepped right in and handled Randy Moss well in Week 1 (As you might recall, Moss went nuts in that game, but Revis held him in check when matched up) and developed into a legitimate number one corner as a rookie. Corner is a reaction position. It is easy to jump right in, particularly with the conditioning work these athletes do in the ofseason.

Just remember this the next time Mike Florio tries to stir something up. Barring injury, there is every reason to believe number 24 will be in the starting lineup in the opener against Baltimore and playing at a high level.