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McKnight Works on His Conditioning

After a disastrous rookie minicamp, Joe McKnight wants to get in shape for training camp.

"It was embarrassing," McKnight said. "You don’t want anybody making excuses… I just felt like it was an excuse… This is a job now. You can’t have excuses. So I felt embarrassed and I just took it to heart."

So, he worked on his conditioning, bent on showing everyone the real Joe McKnight when he returned.

"When I came back, (the veterans) were on me, making jokes," McKnight said. "That’s all for the (best). I took it and I’m just trying to make things better now and trying to change everybody’s perception of me."

"I’m just trying to show everybody I’m tough," he added. "We’re out here in New York. It’s a tough place to be in. So I got to show I’m tough too."

That camp will probably be the best thing that ever happened to him. It shows the kind of dedication to his craft he will need to show to be successful as a pro.