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Jets Cut PSL Prices...Again

First of all, I would like to thank everybody here for being patient with my recent erratic posting. As you may or may not have known, my father is running for mayor of my home town, and I've been working on the campaign. This week was the primary election, and we won the nomination with 77% of the vote. Now we face a six term incumbent in the fall, but that's a concern for another day. I'm back. I think it's a credit to the great team of writers we have on the site that we haven't missed a beat here.

The Jets are once again cutting prices for their PSL's.

"There was always a market for the PSLs, we just had to find the right price," he told The Post. "Our No. 1 goal was to be sold out by opening night." "After talking with our clients and our sales people, we realized that this was the most effective way to be doubly sure that we would create a 12th man."

He said prices would be cut along three sections where roughly 9,000 of 18,000 PSLs remain unsold.

The announcement comes a month after Johnson exclusively told The Post he would not lift the unpopular PSLs -- or sell unsold seats on a game-by-game basis -- even if that meant TV blackouts.

Post columnist Steve Serby called Johnson out at the time, writing that fans are "speaking loud and clear" with more than 10,000 seats unsold and that he could be a "hero" by lowering prices.

Following the public outcry, Johnson a day later insisted he was "extremely confident" the club would sell out by the opener.

PSLs for lower-level seats between the 10- and 30-yard lines, which previously sold for $15,000, will now cost $10,000 under the new plan.

Lower-level end-zone PSLs were cut from $5,000 to $2,500. PSLs in the second-level end zone along mezzanine B were dropped from $4,000 to $2,500.

I have offered my opinion on this many times. PSL's are not fair to loyal fans. These prices still seem too high considering how much of the area is struggling in this economy. I would like to see the Jets eliminate PSL's. Imagine the good will that would bring. Woody would be a hero.