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Would Bringing Back Laveranues Coles Make Any Sense?

You can tell we are in the dead of the offseason by some of the stories the media is cooking up. I have read about the Jets not ruling out resigning Laveranues Coles in multiple publications. It seems, though, more than anything like the only reason the team won't rule it out is because of the respect and good will LC garnered in his time with Gang Green.

The Jets look really good at receiver. Cotchery-Edwards-Holmes is probably the best trio in the league. Coles would be fourth on the depth chart. Surely there will be chances for him to play more elsewhere. Holmes will begin the year suspended, but there are 12 games after that. He's also not much of a contributor on special teams. Dustin Keller can split wide on four receiver sets and is probably a better option at this point.

This is the kind of thing that would be more logical if Gang Green was still looking for a slot receiver on the cheap, but there are two ways I see this making sense. The first is if it resembles what the Eagles did with Jeff Garcia last year. They signed Garcia when Michael Vick was suspended and cut him once Vick returned. If Coles has no other suitors, which doesn't seem likely, that could work. The second is if he really, really wants a ring and would return to his old home understanding he would hardly see the field and would take close to a minimum deal.

It couldn't hurt to add depth, right? You may not want a recycled veteran, but if it was a guy with the same stats who had never played for the Jets would you be as opposed?