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Sharper Returns to Saints

We can no longer dream about seeing the ballhawk in green, Jets fans.

According to Pro FootBall Talk, Darren Sharper signed a one-year deal with the Saints today.

For me personally, this was the one player I have been praying we would be able to sign during this offseason. Pettine's 3-4 schemes are just tailor-made for the ballhawk to thrive. Imagine seeing  him in cover-1?  Blitzing off the edge?

Saints' beat writers have been playing he wants to play in warm weather climate.... so maybe it's time to get him out of our heads for good. No one is doubting about his ability to perform here, but he's already won a ring. It's going to take a lot more than Rex and NY state of mind to get the veteran playing in the Meadowlands in frigid December weather.

Let's face it, he wasn't going to Jacksonville as they have a lot of rebuilding still to do.

At least he didn't go to Miami.