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Potential X-Factor: Cory Reamer

Guys on coverage teams are anonymous unless something goes wrong. They can play a critical role in determining the outcome of games, though. The Jets learned that the tough way last year when Ted Ginn ran back a pair of kickoffs in a devastating loss to the Dolphins. On Ginn's second touchdown, Gang Green had two point blank chances to bury Ginn inside the 20 but whiffed.

Cory Reamer is an undrafted free agent from Alabama. He started at linebacker on the Crimson Tide's National Championship squad. He impressed Jets coaches enough during rookie minicamp to earn an invite to training camp.

Where could Reamer contribute? The starters at linebacker are locked in. Reamer might not be the best option anyway. He is not terribly athletic, which is why he was not drafted. He, however, is smart and a sound tackler with good instincts. He learned the game from Nick Saban, one of the brightest minds in football (albeit one with no loyalty).

This is the kind of guy who screams special teams ace to me. He understands his assignments and won't overpursue or miss tackles trying to blow somebody up like the Jets did against Ginn that day.

If he does his job, you won't notice how valuable he may be on special teams. That makes him a potential X-factor in 2010.