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Nick Folk Is Perfect

Nick Folk hit every kick he attempted in practice today. 

Today Folk responded with an impressive 4-for-4 finish to his day.

"I feel a little better today than I did the other day," the coach said. "Nick made all his kicks. I feel a little better about that."

"Oh, yeah. That's all right," Folk said about last week's remarks from his boss. "It's a learning curve right now. We're still learning, getting together and working out the kinks. It's a slow process, but today I think we showed a great deal of confidence in our operation and it showed pretty well in the results."

This is good news. I think people have been too quick to judge Folk. He was a Pro Bowl kicker until a hip injury messed up his mechanics. Kickers fluctuate a lot from year to year. A big bounce back year is certainly possible.