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Jets Flight Connections 05-25-10


Today's announcement regarding Super Bowl 2014 will be broadcast on the Times Square monitors.

The big game would make it more attractive for companies to pay for the naming rights.

Gary Myers explains what the New Meadowlands will be presenting to the owners today.

Baltimore will not be voting for a cold weather Super Bowl.

New England, Dallas and Denver are among the teams supporting the historic idea.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft thinks the New York teams should be thanked for building the new stadium.

Most New Yorkers aren't concerned about the weather.

Former Jets intern and current NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell supports the idea.  Here is a story about him growing up as the son of a New York Senator.

TE Dustin Keller is financialy preparing for a lockout.

In this Jets TV video, LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson says he never imagined he'd be teammates with OLB Jason Taylor.


More connections after the jump.


Yahoo! Sports reports on the Jets.

Jets Kvetch is concerned about crowds and traffic during SB'14.  I'm not too concerned about it.  Now I'll have an excuse for being late.

In addition to the Super Bowl, owners will also be discussing other issues.

One of those probably has to do with the recent ruling on the needlepoint American Needle v. NFL case.

Shutdown Corner thinks the decision was also a win for the NFLPA.

This link from The Jets Blog explains the antitrust suit.

The Jets Blog shares OLB Calvin Pace's interview with FLOSS Magazine.

Jets Kvetch investigates the Patriots.

RB Marshawn Lynch plans to participate in Buffalo's offseason activities.

Miami is lucky to have veteran QB Chad Pennington on their roster.

OL Cory Procter was released by Dallas and signed by Miami.

LB Adalius Thomas is praying for any team to sign him.

ProInterviews keeps going with Pittsburgh CB Joe Burnett.