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Owners to Vote on Super Bowl XLVIII Bid Tomorrow

Tomorrow, a decision regarding the Jets & Giants collective bid to host Super Bowl XLVIII will finally surface.

Many have been saying NY/NJ are the favorites to host the big game. However, the competition they face are two locations with warm-weather climate---Tampa and Miami.

These two are no strangers to hosting Super Bowls, as they have hosted 14  between them. 10 of which were held in Miami, and four in Tampa.

The two owners who have been most adamant for the big game to come to NY/NJ, are Patriots' owner Robert Kraft and Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones.

Kraft had some thoughts (per New York Post):

"I think it’s just a great symbol," Kraft said. "And I also believe in football in the natural elements, and I think there’s enough to do in the New York area to make it a great event. I think it will be one of the most memorable games in the history of all Super Bowls."

The Jets are looking to host the NFL's first "cold-weather" Super Bowl. The last championship they hosted was the  1958 NFL Championship between the Giants and the Baltimore Colts which was played at Yankee Stadium. An epic game that went into sudden-death overtime.

Jones weighed in on why he was in favor of a cold-weather Super bowl:

"It affects so much of the season, so why not let weather affect the world championship?" Jones told The Post.

The big vote by the owners will take place tomorrow at 3:30 EST. Let's bring it home!!!!