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Jason Taylor Digging Jets Atmosphere

Jason Taylor's first few days as a proper Jet have flown a little under the radar, which is probably not a bad thing at all. However New York writer Eric Allen caught up with JT to ask him about his new club and how his first few practices have shaped up.

"Well, your first one with a new team is always special," Taylor told me. "You've got to find your way around, figure out when the horn blows where you're supposed to go. And my helmet didn't fit when I first got out there, so I had to get my helmet adjusted a little bit. Little things like that.

"But it was great. The atmosphere here is outstanding. It's very conducive to winning, and guys are relaxed yet focused. I think it's a perfect mix."

Taylor had shoulder surgery this off-season so has been unable to practice fully, but Rex is already seeing the positives in the rotation he now has while speaking with Jenny Vrentas from

"Rotating him with Calvin and BT, and what those guys can do out there on the sub team together," Ryan said, "when we get ahead in the fourth quarter, it’s checkmate. And that’s what it needs to be."

"We can’t surrender leads like we did last year," Ryan added. "I think that was a big decision."

However despite the limitations, Rex can't help but get a little excited by what he is already seeing, as AP writer Dennis Waszak Jr noted:

"It's funny (because) yesterday we had him out there and we're going through some individual drills, he comes off and lights somebody up, 'I just got a little excited,'" Ryan said. "I want to slow him down, proceed with caution and teach him the defense first. He's itching to go, though. He'll be ready for training camp, without question."

We desperately needed this pass rusher on this team, I know some are still not fond but Rex is excited for a reason, and JT could be that missing part. It sounds like his rehabilitation is going very well, and he should be a full go at the start of training camp. It will be important for him to get in and learn the terminology.